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Tree Removal

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Trees are an important part of a healthy environment.  They are vital to keeping our air clean and free from pollution and in turn help us stay healthy. Every year, trees are becoming increasingly recognized for their importance to the health of the public and it is important that we save trees whenever possible. Obviously, there are a lot of times that saving a tree is not a possible.  Be it safety concerns, encroachment near a building or lot clearing for new construction.  Those are just a few of legitimate reasons that a tree may need to be removed.

Removing a tree is not a weekend warrior project in the furthest stretch of the imagination. Tree removal is a dangerous undertaking which should really be handled by a company or person that is educated and experienced in the field to ensure a safe removal. At Holtslander & Sons Tree Service we have a dedicated and experienced, a tree safety technician involved in every tree removal.

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It’s a dangerous job but we can do it!

By far, the most dangerous job that a tree pro can face is a tree removal. There are many things that our experts must implement in order to ensure a safely completed removal.  Precision, quick wit, safety precautions and common sense are a must when starting the job. Tree branches and trunks can be unpredictable in the way that they will fall, bend or twist.  You can trust us to remove your tree in a safe and professional manner. Always ask ahead of time if the company that you are using employs well trained individuals.

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Dangerous Location Tree Removal

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We know that the temptation of saving the sometimes large expense of tree removal can be very alluring, but the do-it-yourself route can be a quite dangerous undertaking and we hope that you might change your mind. There are endless videos of the average Joe homeowner trying to take down their own trees and a lot of the time it does not end up so great. Usually the effort to save a few dollars is in vain since the cost to repair your roof, car or God forbid….your body is much more costly than the few hundred you saved by felling your own tree. A lot of times, accidents are excluded from your homeowner’s policy as well so read that fine print carefully. Everyone knows how expensive medical care is today and we feel that the potential savings is just not worth it. Quotes are always free from Holtslander Tree Service. At least let us come out and take a look before you make the hasty decision to d.i.y.

At Holtslander & Sons, we can remove any tree, of any size and in any location. Trees located in a hazardous spot is our specialty and a large part of what we were trained for. We utilize all of the latest safety equipment including but not limited to hard hats, harnesses and belts at all times. While nobody can perfectly prepare for every situation that may come up, we try to be prepared for as many “unknowns” as possible when working on your tree.

When it comes to insurance and workman’s compensation, Holtslander and Sons does not mess around. We are fully insured and we make sure that every employee is covered by workman’s comp. We will provide you with documentation of this, just ask. We feel that it is very important that you ask for this proof from any tree company that you are considering having complete a job on your property. Insurance in this line of work is very expensive and there are a lot of companies that say they are insured but when an accident happens you as the homeowner find out the hard way that they were not properly insured. If you request copies of this information you will usually weed out the fly-by-night companies. It is never worth the risk to be held responsible for an injury or death on your property.