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Holly Tree Removal

Trees are an important part of a healthy environment. They are vital to keeping our air clean and free from pollution and in turn help us stay healthy. Every year, trees are becoming increasingly recognized for their importance to the health of the public and it is important that we save trees whenever possible. Obviously, there are a lot of times that saving a tree is not a possible. Be it safety concerns, encroachment near a building or lot clearing for new construction. Those are just a few of legitimate reasons that a tree may need to be removed.

Removing a tree is not a weekend warrior project in the furthest stretch of the imagination. Tree removal is a dangerous undertaking which should really be handled by a company or person that is educated and experienced in the field to ensure a safe removal. At Holtslander & Sons Tree Service we have a dedicated and experienced, a tree safety technician involved in every tree removal.

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Emergency Tree Removal in Holly

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Emergency tree removal is a critical service that is often required to deal with trees that pose an imminent threat to people or property. Such situations can arise due to a variety of reasons, such as severe storms, high winds, lightning strikes, disease or pest infestation, or even accidents like car crashes. In such cases, it is essential to act quickly to remove the tree safely and prevent further damage or injury.

Emergency tree removal requires a skilled and experienced tree service provider with the right equipment and expertise to manage the situation effectively. The first step is to assess the situation and determine the best approach to removing the tree. This may involve cutting the tree down in sections to minimize the risk of damage to surrounding structures, using specialized equipment to access the tree safely, or removing the tree entirely if it is too damaged or diseased to be saved.

Safety is paramount in emergency tree removal, and Holtslander & Sons will take all necessary precautions to ensure that no one is harmed during the process.

Holly Tree Trimming & Pruning

It is very important to perform regular maintenance on your trees or shrubs if you would like them to live a long and healthy life. Believe it or not, trees that are not properly cared for at the start of their life can start to develop bad habits that will be hard to correct once they get older.  The greatest way to ensure that they will stay healthy and grow in a way that is aesthetically pleasing is to keep them pruned and trimmed from the get go. A well groomed and healthy tree will have a much greater chance of survival when faced with pests or diseases, be it bacterial or fungal in nature.  Keeping your trees trimmed can also help yield a larger crop of fruit in a lot of species.

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Tree Stump Grinding in Holly, MI

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Nobody enjoys seeing a large stump all by itself in the middle of their yard.  Usually there is no argument that a stump in the middle of a well groomed landscape is not something most people like to look at.  I know from personal experience that mowing around stumps isn’t much fun either. When it comes to the health of your surrounding trees, un-removed stumps can attract fungal disease that could potentially spread.  Haven’t you looked at that eyesore for long enough?  It is time to grind that thing into oblivion.  Here at Holtslander & Sons we can usually help you do the calculation for the quote right over the phone.  All you will need is a tape measure and a calculator.  Give us a call and we will be happy to walk you through how to figure out our pricing for stump grinding. 

We have state of the art equipment to ensure that your surrounding landscape is left relatively unscathed.  We are able to remove stumps in hard to get to areas and no matter the size, we can grind that stump.  We can also have the ability to grind down exposed roots if you would like to plant grass for a better looking yard.  If you have plans to plant another tree in the same spot the plan of attack may need to change which also means the price will probably change as well so be sure to let us know if that is something you are thinking about.