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Professional Stump Grinding

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Nobody enjoys seeing a large stump all by itself in the middle of their yard.  Usually there is no argument that a stump in the middle of a well groomed landscape is not something most people like to look at.  I know from personal experience that mowing around stumps isn’t much fun either. 

When it comes to the health of your surrounding trees, un-removed stumps can attract fungal disease that could potentially spread.  Haven’t you looked at that eyesore for long enough?  It is time to grind that thing into oblivion.  Here at Holtslander & Sons we can usually help you do the calculation for the quote right over the phone.  All you will need is a tape measure and a calculator.  Give us a call and we will be happy to walk you through how to figure out our pricing for stump grinding. 

We have state of the art equipment to ensure that your surrounding landscape is left relatively unscathed.  We are able to remove stumps in hard to get to areas and no matter the size, we can grind that stump.  We can also have the ability to grind down exposed roots if you would like to plant grass for a better looking yard.  If you have plans to plant another tree in the same spot the plan of attack may need to change which also means the price will probably change as well so be sure to let us know if that is something you are thinking about.

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How Stump Grinding Works

Have you ever wondered how a stump grinder works?  A steel saw blade with carbide teeth is attached to the grinder. The blade spins just like a traditional saw blade would. The saw blade is continuously lowered down into the stump at the edge, going back and forth and deeper and deeper with each pass. Depending on the job, we have the ability to go as much as one foot below the ground. Kind of fun and satisfying to watch actually!

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We Make The Process Easy

stump grinding near me

Sometimes we decide that it is necessary to call out the utility company to ensure that there are no power or gas lines, we can make this call for you if you would like but as the homeowner you have the responsibility to inform us of anything underground that we may not know about.  This could be an invisible fence, in-ground sprinkler lines or a septic field ect.  We never recommend for a homeowner to take on a stump removal on their own unless they already have some experience or have a friend in the tree service industry. Our stump grinding pricing as an ala carte service are pretty set in the rates but if you bundle it with a tree trim or full removal we will work with you on the rates.  If you are dead set on tackling the project by yourself please consult a professional.  Speaking with someone that has years of experience can be very enlightening and may just change your mind.  When we are contracted to remove your stumps you are guaranteed to get fast, friendly and professional service where the job is done quickly and correctly.  Please steer clear of the fly by night stump grinding service, if their prices are too good to be true then they are probably not insured even if they say they are.  At a minimum, at least ask to see their proof of insurance and workman’s comp.  We have all of the necessary licenses and insurance so you as the property owner are well protected if something did happen.  We will clean up the area of debris so you will have little to do after we leave.  If you would like to keep the wood shavings for any reason we would be more than happy to accomadate with that request so long as there is no type of disease present in the stump.  Hire the pros that will get in and out so you can get back to doing what you want to do with the rest of your day!