Tree Trimming & Pruning

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Keeping Your Trees Healthy

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It is very important to perform regular maintenance on your trees or shrubs if you would like them to live a long and healthy life. Believe it or not, trees that are not properly cared for at the start of their life can start to develop bad habits that will be hard to correct once they get older.  The greatest way to ensure that they will stay healthy and grow in a way that is aesthetically pleasing is to keep them pruned and trimmed from the get go. A well groomed and healthy tree will have a much greater chance of survival when faced with pests or diseases, be it bacterial or fungal in nature.  Keeping trim can also help yield a larger crop of fruit in a lot of species.

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National Pruning Standards

Holtslander Tree Service follows the strictest national standards recognized by ANSI- A-300. These standards recommend the certain cutting techniques, tools and methods and are general recognized as the authority on the subject.  Trees can sometimes have a hard time surviving if improper pruning and trimming has taken place.  Further proving this point, statistics show that more trees die per year from inexperienced homeowner’s that attempt trimming their own trees than any other reason.  It is more important than you would think.

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Seeing the Future

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We know how to see the future when it comes to some trees.  Maybe that is a bit misleading but we do have ways of checking for internal decay which can eventually lead to a catastrophic failure from the inside out of the tree.  So in that way, we can see the future of that tree. A tree that is rotting on the inside can much more easily fall victim to being taken down in a storm or during strong winds.  We have all seen that your car or the roof of your home is no match for a mature oak tree.  This makes it especially important to have any trees that are in close proximity to structures or driveways, inspected on a regular basis.  When pruning there are four basic methods that consist of clean, thin, raise and reduce.  We will go over this in more detail below.
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Proper Tree and Shrub Trimming and Pruning Procedures

  • Clean: Dead, diseased and broken branching are removed. Left untouched, these branches have the potential of falling on your house, car or your person.  Removing a bad limb can also stop a disease or infestation in its tracks if it is caught quick enough. This is the most preferable method with a fully grown tree because you not removing live branches unnecessarily.
  • Thin: Live branches are selectively chosen to reduce the density of the tree. Normally this reduction in density is done near the crown of the tree and almost never in the interior.
  • Raise: This step comes into play when there is a clearance issue, such as with power lines, a home, signage or any other item that your tree is encroaching on. To create vertical clearance we will sometimes remove some of the lower branches of your tree which raises the crown in the process.
  • Reduce: Sometimes the height or the spread of the tree must be reduced to ensure that the tree will not fail under the weight of itself. There is a lot of things we consider when choosing how to proceed including the overall health of the tree and the species.  No two species of trees are the same and some can not handle aggressive pruning.
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Please stear clear of the following methods:

  • Topping: Shortening the branches or limbs back to a predetermined crown limit by making cuts that leave large stubs, thereby reducing the tree’s size. These are similar to open wounds on a human body, increasing the chances of attracting disease.
  • Lions-tailing: Removing an excessive number of branches from the inner tree.

This is just a small portion of the information that we as the professional have acquired and that is why we encourage you to use a true professional. Even if you don’t use us, make sure to use a reputable tree service.

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Our Guarantee

Here at Holtslander Tree Service we guarantee to employ the highest standards and techniques for your trees to start and stay healthy, look great and grow strong. Most people don’t think about it but trees are part of your investment on your property and keeping them in shape will help keep your property and loved ones safe.  Don’t risk it; contact the tree trimming experts.  We provide affordability with quality every time.